‘’Verify with Koupon’’ in convenience stores

verify with koupon

‘’Verify with Koupon’’ is an innovative and easy way which can be implemented for age verification in convenience stores.

Koupon Media which constitutes a consumer analytics platform, makes a pioneering proposal, verify with coupon, which aims to help c-store retailers and CPG brands verify the age of their customers. This procedure is an experience, which gives the opportunity to retailers to integrate age verification into its digital channels. As ‘’Verify with Koupon’’ has been created on the basis of new technologies, this means that it will have quick and positive results for the consumers. In addition to this, it can also be used in digital channels such as mobile apps, websites, and via email and can be integrated with third-party loyalty technologies and CRM platforms.

It is also important to mention that ‘’Verify with Koupon’’ is an equally good solution for the protection of elderly people, as the sale of products like alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes and lottery is restricted. Specifically, Brad Van Otterloo, CEO of Koupon Media claimed: ‘’Age verification is becoming a crucial component of digital promotions in the c-store industry and beyond’’ and continued ‘’as the leader for digital promotions in c-store, Koupon Media is actively using Verify with Koupon to unlock even more opportunities for members of its network’’.

The first convenience store chain, which adopted ‘’Verify with Koupon’’ was GPM Investments in Richmond and the retailers remained fully satisfied and excited as they have the chance to implement this innovative technology. “Koupon Media continues to push the envelope with new and innovative mobile offer technologies,” said Ruth Ann Lilly, senior manager of loyalty, tobacco and alcohol at GPM Investments. “Verify with Koupon will help GPM promote age-restricted products in our mobile application, helping us protect underage shoppers and continue to deliver value to our rewards members.”



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