It's simple

AGEify is an innovative Android and IOS mobile app through which you may verify the age of the visitors of a website or a place. Quickly, easily and positively.

It's accurate

AGEify uses reliable affiliate organizations that have already verified the date of birth of their customers (banks, telecom operators, etc.). Your visitor just uses a short PIN or his/her fingertip to gain access.

It's necessary

Companies who sell or promote age-sensitive goods or services have the legal requirement to verify the age of their visitors before allowing them access.

Ask for it

Let us create a customized demo for you and show how AGEify may significantly help your business. It is easier and more cost-effective than one may think.

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Under Control

Get on top of things

It’s needless to state how strict the laws are for underage visitors of adult websites that sell or promote age-sensitive goods or services (gambling, porn, alcohol, etc.). Is there a reason to play with the odds?

AGEify works like a passport. You just show it and you are in. It ensures full control of your site traffic and helps Internet to become a safer place for juveniles. Its infrastructure consists of a network of various affiliate authorities and organizations (banks, insurance companies, telecom operators etc) that have previously physically checked the age of persons. Following this information, AGEify offers to every app user a single ID-code. Every time this user attempts to access an age-sensitive website, compliant with AGEify, he/she only needs to use this ID-code to prove his/her age.

AGEify is scheduled to be ready-to-launch by the end of 2018 and its developers are at the moment  working on fine tuning as well as network expanding. Are you willing to be part of it?


Be a part of it

AGEify co-operates via a mutually fruitful way with a rapidly evolving network of affiliate organizations (banks, insurance companies, telecom operators etc) in order to verify the actual age of the visitors of a website or a place, without asking or revealing any other personal information.