Underage sales on cigarettes must be prohibited

underage sales cigarettes

After a survey that conducted by North Yorkshire Country Council Trading Standards, a Richmondshire store was found as one of 16 across the country who sold cigarettes to a 15-year-olds.

With no doubt, the sale of such products to minors constitutes a serious crime and the North Yorkshire Tobacco Control Strategy aims to protect young people from having access to tobacco. Trading Standards undertake a regular test purchase and a summer survey found that at 34 percent of the retailers tested, 15-year-olds were able to buy cigarettes.

Specifically, the volunteer child helpers follow some strict rules on the basis of which, they must always tell the truth and provide age verification if requested. In addition to this, local businesses and retailers must not forget the obligation they have to protect children’s health by preventing them from accessing all forms of tobacco and nicotine, which means that they are bound to know the negative consequences of underage sales.

Therefore, Trading Standards is inviting retailers to cooperate in order to achieve a new Responsible Retailer award, which recompenses those who adhere to underage sales legislation. Indeed, officers will work with participating outlets to implement an effective age confirmation policy and also help in the training of stuff.

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