Underage alcohol in Texas: the effects and the efforts to combat it

Drinking alcohol before the age of 21 can have harmful effects on a child’s health and life. Thus, many countries in the world try to enforce strict laws about age verification in order to eliminate underage use.

Alcohol constitutes a dangerous substance for anyone let alone minors who are not mature and fully developed yet. Particularly, consuming alcohol underage can cause serious illnesses and injuries like damaging the heart, liver, pancreas and brain. However, young people don’t follow the legislation and continue to buy such products and consume alcohol. They cannot understand the negative consequences as for them, it may be nothing more than an excuse to party and let loose from the stress of life.

On the other hand, the law enforcement tried to do whatever they can in order to restrict the sale alcohol and prevent children from such products. But what it exactly happens in Texas? In 2017, after a survey that happened, Texas had a total of 1,187 underage liquor law violations. This percentage is not as large as with respect to the population, this exactly means 16, 46 violations per 100,000 minors. On this basis, Texas is included in states that do not have such high rates of alcohol violations and it is on the lower end of this scale. Despite the fact that this rate is not very high compared to other states, it’s still one of the highest values in the country. Dozens of states have under 10 cases of underage drunkenness total for the year and this is means that it constitutes one of the most serious offenses.

In general, the southern America is the region with the highest prevalence of drunkenness violations with always respect to the population. If efforts to combat underage drinking continue, only then its prevalence will decrease dramatically and minors will perceive the harmful effects.

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