Sticker Shock: A new anti-alcohol campaign for minors

anti alcohol campaign

“The big thing is we’re trying to educate kids not to get involved with alcohol, and be responsible.” This is the important message of the public awareness campaign ‘’Sticker Shock’’, which started to take place in Pittsfield and as Isaac Tardy, a Junior at Maine Central Institute said: ‘’Underage drinking is a serious issue with today’s society and Sticker Shock is the way that we’re promoting that.”

According to Sticker Shock, a group from Maine Central Institute applied stickers to many stores, which warn young people to get away from alcohol and not buy such products. “They’re bright orange, so it draws your attention to it” says Tardy, “So you’re like oh, maybe I should read that.’’ Mike Cray, an officer with the Pittsfield Police Department and the School Resource Officer for SAD 53, also says: “Makes people stop and look and think.”

Specifically, the purpose of this campaign with stickers is to discourage adults from selling alcoholic beverages to people, who are under 18 years old and to remind them that they must always confirm the age of customers by asking for their identity. “This gives an opportunity for us to work with the community, and it just raises awareness that there is the potential that minors could get access to alcohol.” says Ouellette.

The project leaders want to remind minors to be responsible, explaining that even if they are offered alcohol they should not be tempted. ‘’Do an alternative like a mocktail or just have a soda or just find an alternative activity.”

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