New regulations about identity verification of UK Gambling Commission

regulations identity verification

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) decided to pass the new law, to make the gambling space safer and fairer, which is to be implemented on May 7, 2019.

The new legislation provides the interception of criminal activity, which will be achieved by gathering more information and personal data for users before joining at online gambling platforms. This is means that customers will be more protected as their identity will be verified before playing at online casinos or new bingo sites in the UK. According to a survey that conducted by UK Gambling Commission, it is founded that the 15% of users complained about the withholding of their winnings by online gambling operators, which is another reason for their protection.

After the implementation of the new rules about age verification, operators will be forced to check user’s age before they gamble online. Thus, young people will be safer and less exposed to the dangers of gambling and the Internet in general. In addition to this, the new legislation of UKGC does not define a specific process of age verification as each operator is required to apply an age validation procedure.

It is also important to mention that those who not comply with the new rules, will be penalized with an economic fine. Therefore, the penalty is a good reason to prevent the operators from violating the new legislation. Moreover, a lot of players will be deterred from opening new accounts at new online gambling sites in order to avoid having to go through a potentially long process to deposit money in an online gambling account. However, the most important is that new rules will help customers and specifically young people to have safer access to gambling sites.

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