euCONSENT – Online Child’s Rights, Age Verification and Parental Consent: Finding the balance

AGEify is participating in the first conference of the euCONSENT project that will be held in Athens, Greece on September 9th.

The conference will focus exclusively on finding the balance between Online Child’s Rights, Age Verification and Parental Consent.

Participants will hear the findings of a major suite of academic and primary research in the field by the LSE, Aston and Leiden Universities and Revealing Reality. These findings are in the framework of the euCONSENT program, funded by the European Commission in an effort to develop a European-wide infrastructure to facilitate interoperable Age Verification and Parental Consent mechanisms.

There will also be contributions from EU-wide charities and several of the global platforms, currently seeking to comply with the latest developments in EU law in these fields.

The euCONSENT team will also present their early ideas on how to approach delivering a pan-European solution for Age Verification and Parental Consent.

The main Objectives of the conference are to:

  • raise awareness of euCONSENT
  • disseminate the academic research
  • begin the debate about the implications of the research for the system
  • operate transparently
  • bring together interested stakeholders in this domain

This is a hybrid conference and participants have the choice of virtual presence or in person. All appropriate measures for COVID-19 are taken.

Join us online or in person in Athens for this first ever conference to focus exclusively on Online Child’s Rights, Age Verification and Parental Consent: Finding the balance.

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