Can You Lose a Liquor License for Serving Minors?

Obtaining a liquor license is not a simple process, and there are strict rules and regulations that need to be followed in every state once a license is secured. The rules and regulations can vary from state to state, even from city to city.

Most states punish the sale of alcohol to minors as a misdemeanor. Anyone convicted of selling or providing alcohol to a minor usually faces a range of penalties.

Fines→Jail→Probation→Liquor license revocation

There several ways business, such a bar or restaurant, can lose its liquor license that is common to every state. Serving alcohol to minors is the most common reason for getting a liquor license revoked. A lost liquor license can mean the difference between success and failure of a business.

The most important strategy for preventing problems is rigorously checking IDs when selling alcoholic beverages. Some states may even encourage servers or bartenders to ask the individual questions if it is suspected that personal identification may be falsified or that the ID belongs to another person. Establishments that do not check the identification of individuals who appear to 30 or younger are at risk for losing their liquor license, but also the health and safety of young people.


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