AGEify officially founding member of euCONSENT

AGEify is proud to announce its participation as a founding partner in the consortium of companies running the euCONSENT program.

AGEify with its technical experience and supported by its own developed innovative age verification solution will be the assuming the technical lead behind this research that would facilitate a safer and more secure internet society for the children.

The program is aiming to propose an interoperable solution to Age Verification and Parental Consent in the next 18 months. When completed the program euCONSENT will enable children to enjoy a safer digital world throughout the European Union.

What is euCONSENT?

euCONSENT is a European Commission project under the call: “Outline and trial an infrastructure dedicated to the implementation of child rights and protection mechanisms inthe online domain based on the GDPR and other existing EU legislation relevant for the childwithin the online domain”.

What is the objective of euCONSENT?

The objective of this project, initiated by the European Parliament, is to demonstrate an interoperable technical infrastructure dedicated to the implementation of child protection mechanisms (such as age verification) and parental consent mechanisms as required byrelevant EU legislation (such as the Audio-Visual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) and theGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)).

The euCONSENT consortium will put into live operation extensions to the eIDAS infrastructure required to deliver its vision for pan-European, open-system, secure and certified interoperable age verification and parental consent to access Information Society Services.

The euCONSENT solution will be designed with the help of Europe’s children and the guidance of the continent’s leading academic experts, NGOs and other key stakeholders in child rights and protections online.

The new system will then be used during a three-month pilot by over 1,500 children, adults and parents from at least 3 EU Member States. Their user experience will be independently evaluated to provide convincing evidence for these infrastructure solutions to be adopted across the Union, with hundreds of Europe’s kids already positioned as its most enthusiastic advocates to their peers, parents and policymakers.


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