When a knife was purchased for murder

The police criticized a site that sold swords and knives because they felt that one of them was used in a murder. In particular, police found that Ashraf Hussan was depicted with a knife, concluding that he and a teenager killed a man in Cambridge.

Det Ch Insp Alan Page was the person who investigated the murder and discovered how easy it was to buy dangerous weapons. In addition to this, the store claimed: ‘’All products we sell are legal and we abide by all laws.’’ Indeed, the police, after many investigations, revealed that the defendant had purchased numerous weapons from the website, including a folding knife on 13 July. The worst is that a few days later, the officers discovered that 18-year-old Juned Ahmed was also involved in the murder of Peter Anderson.

Specifically, the knife sales company, sales ‘’Rambo’’ knives, other weapons glamorized in films and the ‘’mystery box’’ which concerns the customers, who cannot decide and gives the chance to make it surprise. “Surely if people are going online to buy a knife to use in gardening or some sort of maintenance they know what knife they are looking for’’ said Det Ch Insp Alan Page.

According to the website, it is required to the visitors to verify their age before purchasing such products. However, Det Ch Insp Alan Page argued that more checks should be done and more accurate manners should be found for the validation of any age.

Yes, people can get access to kitchen knives, but why make it so easy to get these “Rambo” knives and hunting knives?” detective said and continued: “Fair enough if someone is a tree surgeon and needs it for a legitimate reason, but someone who lives in a flat in London with no garden and no employment – you’ve got to ask yourself why do they need a knife such as that? ‘’I think it’s because they’re going to use it for a criminal purpose.’’

The government has plans to introduce legislation that strictly prohibits the sale of bladed articles online to residential addresses. This decision was taken as after some researches, it was found that knife crime deaths have risen dramatically, while hospitals have experienced 1000 incidents over a year.

On the basis of this decision, the company director Joseph Wheeler supported: ‘’Knives are used for thousands of legitimate purposes by law-abiding citizens. (We) are extremely careful with our age verification checks, this is our number one priority’’ and added: ‘’Trading standards do regularly check this, and we follow all their age verification guidelines thoroughly. All products we sell are legal and we abide by all laws.’’


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