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The not so great firewall in London

I read with great interest the article of Dr Crampton at ( which highlights very well the problem of centralized filtering, as was tried in the past by several governments (or still used by some others). I am personally in line with most of his comments and remarks. I also acknowledge the risk and the high probability of exposing personal data when actually storing them!

There is though another technical approach to filtering (based on the visitor’s age) that is privacy preserving by design. Our solution (AGEify) may use personal data to initially prove the user’s age, but as soon as this process is completed (successfully or not), the only information stored in our systems is a unique random identifier and the year and month of the date of birth.

We do not expect that hackers will try to steal this data, but who are we not to be hacked one day? We know though that even then, nothing will reveal the persons behind any activity as there is no such link stored in our systems!!!We take users’ privacy seriously and protecting it by design makes us sure that we don’t violate our own principles.

And we built the system as such, not only to seek financial return, but also to protect our children from content and products that are not meant for them. I am personally upset by the easiness ANY child or even baby can have access to pornographic material, as well as how easily adults can infiltrate in the private life of adolescents (their chatrooms f.i.). We now have the technology that can protect our children from both extreme cases, why not use it?

August 29, 2019

This post is written by Kostas Flokos - CEO of Ageify

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