Argyro Flokou, Author at AGEify

Considering, the criminal law of digital economy which is taken by the U.K government, it is expected porn sites to verify the age of the visitors so as to allow entry only to adults. However, the British government claimed that they are not yet in position to check sites with such content, so they lead to the conclusion that the age verification will be delayed until the end of the year.

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), which is responsible for the age ratings for movies, games and music videos, recently took on the additional role of porn regulator. The BBFC will have the opportunity to abolish porn sites and to oblige those who are in charge for the process payments or manage on-site advertising, to stop working with sites not adhering to the rules. When the best solution is found, then the government will proceed with the approval and the websites will then begin to implement the necessary tools for age verification.

Specifically, the BBFC said that their goal is to find solutions that give people different ways to verify their age. The owner of ‘’Pornhub’’ referred to a system he intends to implement. AgeID is an encrypted connection that can be used by any site, without obliging users to verify their age at a time. This system will not store personal data but only the data that is required to verify that the user is actually over 18. Mindgeek intends to license this tool to other sites as well, with the advantage that the user will not need to connect to each website. The question, of course, remains about how we can be confident about privacy and security.

This is actually the purpose of the BBFC to reduce as much as possible the public’s concern about the transparency and validity of the age verification systems to be implemented in practice.


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